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Look for a new home using Virtual Reality


Great article over at about Matterport and how it is disrupting the Real Estate Industry. Here are some excerpts:

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new home—but before driving all over the place (and spending more time in the car than in houses) you first want to whittle down the listings provided by your realtor.

Imagine, though, if you could strap on a VR headset and virtually walk through the houses on your list. Matterport’s existing technology lets you do this with a mouse and browser, but doing so via VR could make the experience even more interactive.

Matterport is hoping that the coming wave of virtual reality devices will revolutionize how people screen properties—and it already offers consumers the chance to explore select locations through the Samsung Gear VR headset.

“What Matterport does particularly well is we convey what it feels like to be in a space,” says Brown. “When you’re thinking about buying a home, the biggest tool people use now … is time. They drive all over the place , because that’s the only way to get a feeling of what it’s like to be in the space. What we do is try to give an immersive feeling to significantly reduce the amount of time they have to use to get a feel.”

If you are interested in trying the Gear VR | Matterport experience please contact us today to schedule a Demo. We are the first Matterport provider in Michigan and have already converted spaces into VR for customers in the Metro Detroit area .

Tech Trends That Will Change Showings


Technology has the potential to shake up the real estate business and overhaul how you conduct showings in the future. Namely with Virtual Reality:

Samsung Gear VR has the capability of transporting you into a 3-D world, which could even include a home that’s for sale thousands of miles from where you are. You’ll feel like you are there as you look around the space. While virtual reality headsets have mostly been geared to the gaming industry in recent years, that could change in 2016.

Facebook’s Oculus Rift, Samsung’s VR Gear, and HTC Vive are among the VR products debuting at CES this year. More than 40 VR exhibitors are present at this year’s conference.

As these headsets are paired with more smartphones and other tech tools, businesses likely will unlock more practical applications for them. For example, some VR headsets could be used in conjunction with 3-D video cameras to capture virtual reality content, which could then be viewed with a Google Cardboard VR viewer or Samsung Gear VR.

Read more @ RealtorMag

To Learn more about how to use VR for your listings or to schedule a demo contact TrueSpaces today.

Technology will replace you — if you let it


Great post over at Inman Connect titled: “3 Ways to Stay Ahead Of “what’s next” from #ICNY”

Here are the 3 ways:

  1. Technology will replace you — if you let it [*Read below*]
  2. Aim for less ego and more customer service
  3. We need to give back more

Technology will replace you — if you let it

Consumers are smarter and more tech-savvy than ever before. If your brokerage is not willing to raise the bar with the quality of agents who work there and the level of customer service offered, your current business model might not survive against the tidal wave of new technology that is about to wash over our already tech-saturated landscape.

Brokerages and agents who are overwhelmed, trapped or frankly ignoring technology will not be able to compete with teams who adapt and have made it a priority to improve customer service.

To read the full post head over to Inman.