john varvatos | Detroit, MI

Walk through and Explore the beautiful new John Varvatos store in Detroit.

Walk through and Explore the beautiful new John Varvatos store in Detroit.

Constructed in 1891, the Wright-Kay building located at the corner of Woodward and John R has the distinction of being one of the first high-rises and oldest remaining buildings in downtown Detroit. Designed by Gordon W. Lloyd for the F. J. Schwankovsky Company, a retailer of musical instruments, the building boasts a cast iron frame, which has contributed to its longevity. Over the years, the retail space of the building has been home to the Wright-Kay jewelry company and most recently a nightclub. The building was purchased by Rock Ventures Group in 2011 and was scheduled for renovation once John Varvatos announced plans to return to his hometown of Detroit.

“(This is an) unbelievably exciting day to walk up in front of a store on Woodward Avenue and see your name on it,” Varvatos said. “It’s a day I’ve thought about since we started our company in 2000.”

He’s hoping the location on the ground floor of the 124-year-old former Wright-Kay Building will bolster the city.

“We’re just thrilled to be part of it,” he said. “It’s an honor to be kind of kicking things off from the retail point of view on the street here, and I look forward to this street being the street that I remember as a kid.

“I look forward to us being part of it for a long time,” Varvatos said.

Varvatos has 21 stores and boutiques open worldwide, including shops in New York City, Las Vegas, Toronto, London and Bangkok.

NY TIMES: Varvatos Goes Home to Detroit

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