Sotheby’s Internatonal Realty is using VR to sell luxury homes


The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed — William Gibson

Love that quote. And it is so true when it comes to Realtors using VR to sell homes. It will be here a lot sooner then you think. Read some excerpts from the article below:

Right now, the rich and famous are touring homes in virtual reality—and in a few years, so could everyone.

VR also allows buyers throughout Asia and Europe to check out homes before flying in to finalize a deal. On the seller side, VR allows celebrities and owners of expensive homes to focus on only buyers with legitimate interest in purchasing.

“You could do real estate open houses with 360-degree views and have a client come to your office and check out 50 homes through a head-mounted display and then pick the top ones to visit in person,” Pachter says.

For the complete article visit: Fortune

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